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Tigers Teen/Adult Program



Our Teen/Adult Program is specially designed for all skill levels between 13 years of age and older. Our curriculum is a balance of physical exercise, philosophy, self-defense, and learning the art of taekwondo. The classes will involve conditioning, toning, stretching, along with fundamental taekwondo skill development.



In addition to learning the techniques of Taekwondo, our students develop life skills that are valuable in daily life which will help to build their characters. We use kicking apparatus', agility training hurdles and ladders, and varieties of fun and challenging activities to increase flexibility, improve muscle strength and build endurance. So, whether you are 13 or 53, taekwondo may be the best way to achieve your health and exercise goals!




Program emphasis:


1. Learning the art of Taekwondo (blocking techniques, kicking techniques, hand techniques, etc)


2. Encouragement on developing a responsible behavior and goal setting.


3. Benefits of perseverance (not giving up when faced with challenges).


4. Increased focus and self-control


5. Activities that develop basic skills such as coordination, balance,  and following instructions.


6. Enhancing social skills (being courteous and showing respect for others, teamwork, and communication with others).


7. Preparing and instructing students to progress to the next stage of Taekwondo.



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