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JK Taekwondo Academy


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Membership Agreement and Release

I,                                                  ,parent/guardian of                                                   , a minor

child, give my permission for the child to participate in J K TAE KWON DO ACADEMY AND ITS RELATED ACTIVITIES, TRAINING, DEMONSTRATION, COMPETITIONS and hereby expressly agree that I will protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless forever J K TAE KWON DO ACADEMY, its officers and directors, employees, agents, representatives, of and from any and all claims, demands, suit, cross-actions, third-party actions, causes of action, complaints, arbitration proceedings, suits of grievances of whatsoever kind or nature, losses, costs, expenses, attorney’s fees, and damages of every kind and character may be brought by me, individually or as next friend of the minor identified herein or by any person(s) and/or entity(ies) claiming by, through or under any of them (hereinafter collectively referred to as “claims”) without regard to the cause or causes thereof, or the negligence or fault of any party or parties, whether such negligence be simple negligence or gross negligence, or whether such negligence be sole, joint or concurrent; as such claims arise in regards to the activity identified above.


It is further my express intent that said obligation to protect, defend indemnity and hold harmless shall include, but not be limited to, any claims arising out of, resulting from, or based upon: comparative fault; strict liability, tort; breach of contract, warranty, duty or obligation; breach or violation of any statute, rule or regulation; negligence, gross negligence or fault of any kind of character that may be hereinafter or at any time be brought or asserted –directly or indirectly against J K TAE KWON DO ACADEMY, its officers and directors, employees, agents, representatives, or any of them, whether the same is brought by me or by any person(s) and/or entity(ies) claiming by, through or under it or then for the purpose of enforcing or making further demands, claims for damages, or obligations in any way arising- either directly or indirectly- from or out of the activity identified herein.

I specifically give the minor child permission to participate in the activity identified and hereby assume any and all risks associated with his participation and agree and understand that by signing this document, I expressly release and indemnify J K TAE KWON DO ACADEMY, and its officers and directors, employees, agents, representatives, or any of them, from any and all fault, blame or liability from any and all damages, injuries and expenses as may be incurred and as is described in this release.


The undersigned hereby irrevocably consents to and grants JK Taekwondo Academy the exclusive and unlimited right to use and reproduce any and all photographs, slides, moving pictures, audio and visual recordings or testimonial accounts taken by JK Taekwondo Academy that contains the student named above, image, voice, likeness or account, for any lawful purpose whatsoever and using any means available including but not limited to any JK Taekwondo Academy’s records, corporate public relations or marketing communication material, video or online material, social media campaigns, either with or without the student’s name or photo accompanying such quotation. I waive the right to inspect, approve or edit any such use or reproduction, and JK Taekwondo Academy may make any and all changes, modifications, rearrangements, additions, or deletions in its use reproductions without any approval.


I specifically agree that I and the child shall obey all the rules and regulations set forth by J K TAE KWON DO ACADEMY and the child shall obey all the disciplines of the school and practice the art of Taekwondo to the best of his/her ability. Members shall terminate this agreement by a written notification to the master, instructor as long as the Member’s membership dues are paid.



Academy reserves the right to terminate this agreement upon notice to Member, written or otherwise, for any cause deemed appropriate by Academy.

Thank you and Welcome to the JK Taekwondo family!

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